Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 2

Hey look, we have segments!

In A Moment With the Divine, Franchesca covers Persephone. Dagon does a segment on Native Americans in Texas. References can be found below. Also, look for promos to Media Astra Ac Terra, iPod Witch, The Infinate and Beyond, and The Wigglian Way.

Complete Guide to Greek Mythology for Young and Old - by Flora J. Cooke


  1. Great segments!! If you guys ever want to meet up and chat, throw me a email at I've been wanting to try Rockin' Tomato pizza over by Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse.

  2. Thanks! We would love to meet up sometime. I have been looking at the pizza place too, and I am sure Dagon will be up for it. Will talk to him about it and shoot you an email soon.

  3. Added y'all up to Lonestar Pagan

    Note, logging onto Denny's Wi-Fi here in Katy, TX, Witchvox popped up first time without any problems once I signed into their wi-fi. Then again, ever since it was uncovered that Iris (the Android Siri competitor) had a Christian slant to its answers, a lot of the underlying systems (perhaps shared among these various services) are being intentionally updated to remove that bias.

  4. Thanks so much for the input! I will have to go by one day and see if it has changed here.

    Lonestar Pagan is new to me, what is it?


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